Frequently Asked Questions

Facts n Faq`s

Q: Do I need to know swimming, to go rafting?

A: Not necessary. Our life jackets, equipment and safety briefing by our experienced crew, are more than adequate. However, should you be apprehensive of the big rapids, our guides will have you walk around them.

Q: What are the age and health requirements for rafting?

A: While you should be at least 12 years old, there is no upper age limits for rafting, as long as you are in reasonably good health. At Ganga Base Camp, we have certain 'kiddy' rafting stretches, which have mild rapids for children below 12 yrs. Children under 12 years who wish to do the adult raft trip, would need to get an OK from the HRR personnel , who take the decision based on the height & weight ratio for safety.

What do I need to wear for rafting?

A: You need wear only thermal underwear (or underwear) underneath the wetsuit. You will need a pair of strap up sandals or running shoes (No bare feet!). For the warmer months (March, April, October and November), shorts and T-.shirts along with the footwear is adequate.

Q: How safe is rafting and what can I expect on the river?

A: The Ganga rapids are ideal for the first time rafter where you can expect to get thoroughly wet and have a lot of fun! The rapids are thrilling yet safe. For the more adventurous there are inflatable kayaks, which are stable in white water and our guides, are happy to instruct you to try some of the milder rapids in such kayaks. On the International Scale of I to VI in grading rapids, the rapids you will experience on the Ganga, are between II and IV. (Class I being easy and Class VI being exceedingly challenging). Our guides are always in command and will instruct you in basic paddling techniques and safety procedures. In certain sections of mild white water you may be encouraged to "body surf".

Q: What makesWildlife camp adventure the best pick?

A:Wildlife camp adventure India's first adventure travel company. Quite simply it is the one stop solution for all your adventure related requirements, from adventure sport packages to family adventure holidays, from corporate experiential learning to outdoor leadership programmes for children and from certificate programmes in adventure sports to providing the widest range of international adventure gear.

Q: Are adventure sports dangerous?

A: Adventure sports are thrilling, exciting, wild and unbelievably fun. However, it goes without saying, there is inherent risk involved. That risk contributes to the excitement, and is one of the reasons people enjoying adventure sports so much. Our instructors are trained to minimize and manage risks, and, statistically, you're safer on an adventure holiday than in your car. For instance, one government report noted that the injury rate for whitewater rafting is similar to that for bowling! The most common injury on most adventure holidays is sunburn.

Q: If I have a family with young children, can they go for adventure sports?

A: Most of our camping and adventure travel programmes allow you to take children as young as three, or even younger. However certain technical sports like rafting, aero sports and others may have their individual age restrictions. Contact us to find out suggested ages for a particular trip.